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Artifical Insemination - 1060 Words

OUTLINE WORKSHEET MOTIVATED SEQUENCE DESIGN | | | SPEECH TITLE | Topic: Artificial Insemination | Specific Purpose: To persuade people to use artificial insemination instead of adoption. | Thesis Statement: Artificial insemination is a topic not may people openly discus unless they have complications, but I want to tell you about somethings that might want to pick insemination, the sperm banks, as well as the donors one may have. | | | I. Introduction | A. Attention Material (focus attention on problem): As a high school student, you may ask yourself, Why should I be concerned about having children? But once you are married and are†¦show more content†¦| b. (How Solution can be Implemented)†¦.sperm bank? | (1) (Plan of Action) ï‚ · Sperm banks require donors to waive any parental rights. There is no danger the donor can seek custody or visitation of your child. ï‚ · Some sperm banks permit the child to access the donor once the child becomes an adult. ï‚ · Sperm banks test semen for diseases and collect health and genetic information from donors. | ï‚ · You know who he is: his health, family history, physical and mental health, characteristics and personality. ï‚ · He might be open to being involved in the childs life. ï‚ · You dont have to pay for the sperm, although you may have to pay a doctor to inseminateyou. | | | (Transition into Main Point 3) | C. Main Point #3 (Visualize Results) one would soon have a child to love and care for. | 1. (Describe Expected Results of Action) after 9 monthes one would have a BABY :D | 2. (Describe Consequences of Inaction) it would cost sometimes up to $1,000 if not more, and plus having children is a very expensive thing so I would not recommend having a child unless you are financially stable.If using a random sperm you always have a risk of HIV, AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. | (Transition into Conclusion) | III. Conclusion | A. Brakelight: | B. Summary: Artificial i nsemination is a topic not may people openly discus unless they haveShow MoreRelated Treating Infertility Essay1165 Words   |  5 Pagesbirths. Another risk of IVF is birth defects. It has been suggested that there is a 30-40% increase risk of birth defects in children born out of IVF than children concieved using natural means. Another popular fertility treatment is Artificial insemination by husband (AIH) This is when sperm from the husband or partner is placed into a females uterus or cervix using artificial means rather than by natural means. When a couple decide to use AIH in order to concieve the females menstruation cycle is

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Essay on Motivations for Faustuss Rebellion - 1485 Words

In the Faust legend, a man by the name of Faust or Faustus sells his soul to the devil for twenty-four years of ultimate worldly power. Although the tale of this German scholar/ magician called Johann Faust or Faustus has been re-told many times over, no version has become more prominent and controversial in English literature and history than that of Christopher Marlowes play first published eleven years after his death in 1604. Marlowes reworking is possibly the first dramatization of the medieval myth of a man who sold his soul to the Devil, and who became identified with a necromancer of the sixteenth century. Written in a time of religious uncertainty and social upheaval, the tale of Doctor Faustus explores the elements involved†¦show more content†¦Marlowe used many conventions of the medieval morality play, a popular form which uses a variety of allegory and narrates the gradual education of its hero into an understanding of the difference between essentially right and wrong. He modified this traditional form for Doctor Faustus and fitted it to the legend where conventionally the hero invariably comes to the conclusion of the play a wiser and better man, but due to the satanic nature of Faustuss rebellion he inevitably falls to his doom and is dragged screaming to Hell. But what were his motivations for such a seditious rebellion with inevitably disastrous consequences? Was he just bored and wanted more of a challenge so cast aside any previous knowledge of religious consequences when intellectual and supernatural supremacy is used for bad and not for good? The Chorus provide us with a clear synopsis of a few but compact lines which allow the reader/ audience to form a detailed picture of this growing character; `So soon he profits in divinity, The fruitful plot of scholarism graced, That shortly he was graced with doctors name, Excelling all, whose sweet delight disputes In heavenly matters of theology; As well as providing a useful summation of Faustuss academic record we are introduced to a

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Single Sex Education Essay - 1416 Words

In the1990s, single-sex education gained interest over coeducation, and by the early 2000s, it had gained support from congress and the Bush administration. Since then single-sex education has benefitted many students, teachers, and parents. For all of the 1800s and most of 1900s coeducation had dominated schooling over the single-sex catholic and private schools. Unfortunately, a Title IX provision was passed prohibiting sex discrimination, so that no person should be denied admission to any school on a gender basis. However, the law has since been revised for the better of single-sex schooling. This has caused much controversy between single-sex-education and coeducation. However, single-sex education has had many benefits for students;†¦show more content†¦A school in New York City called the Jefferson Leadership Academies said, â€Å"Kids who attend single-sex schools not only do better academically but also have a better behavior toward school and a better outlook on life† (Jost 562). Then, when Kenneth Rowe, an Australian researcher, studied high school seniors he found that the kids attending single-sex schools scored fifteen to twenty-two points higher than the kids attending coed schools (Jost 562). This evidence helps to back up the benefits of single-sex education and the effects it can have on students such as highe r grades and a more positive outlook on life. Additionally, children especially boys, tend to have poor behavior skills in school. They act out when they get in trouble, they do not want to work or participate in classes, or they just do not want to be in school. Single-sex education can help improve behavior children and teens have in school. Students who are in single-sex classes tend to participate more and engage in more serious discussions in the classroom. Students, especially girls gained more self-confidence in school and felt it was easier for them to be themselves rather than trying to get boys attention all the time. At St. Johns University, ‘â€Å"Boys willingness to engage in what would be considered â€Å"feminine activities,† like choir or drama club†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Jost 562). Self-confidence is an important skill to have,Show MoreRelatedSingle Sex Education Essay964 Words   |  4 Pages Single-sex classrooms and schools are used in education all around the world. As a student who has never attende d a single-sex school or classroom, I have always been curious to know how beneficial it really is. The controversy over single-sex classrooms and/or schools is an ongoing battle between educators, school systems, and the community. Those who support the idea of single-sex education argue that the separation of boys and girls due to biological differences can improve academic achievementRead MoreSingle Sex Education Essay1074 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction: Single sex education began in 1890, in England, for men only. Education was believed to be for men only because men usually took over the family by providing funds necessary to run a household. Usually women learned only fundamental concepts, such as how to cook, clean, sew and care for children. Women did not attend school; rather, they learned the skill of reading and writing, and some acquired mathematics through private lessons or a tutor, but if they were rich they were sentRead MoreSingle-Sex Education and Co-ed Education Essay1059 Words   |  5 PagesSingle-Sex Education and Coed Education. The single-sex format creates opportunities that do not exist in the coed classroom. (Edison 1) Researchers are unaware that both genders brains function differently. This lack of knowledge may be why the real truth about single-sex education being more efficient than co-ed education has not been discovered. Some say single-sex education may be the key for a brighter generation. It shows to improve test score dramatically. The number of public schools experimentingRead MoreEssay about Mona Lisa’s Smile: Single-sex Education for Girls1721 Words   |  7 PagesMona Lisa’s Smile: Single-sex Education for Girls â€Å"Men Are from Mars - Women Are from Venus,† it is the title of a bestseller book, which tells us how different boys and girls are. Single-sex education was introduced because of the huge differences, and it once flourished in the United States. Since the 1970s, however, it began to be regarded with a degree of suspicion. Many girls’ schools closed or amalgamated and the trend towards co-education continued to spread. Until nowadays, the debateRead MoreSingle Sex Education Essay700 Words   |  3 PagesSingle-Sex education has existed since the beginning of education itself but, it has recently reemerged in the US under the pretense that it will improve school environments and help children learn better. According to psychological studies this is not the case. There is little difference between boys and girls in terms of ways they learn, and their neurodevelopment. Separating children also does not allow for socialization between different genders. This conflict s with children’s social skillsRead MoreEssay about Single-sex education vs. Coeducation962 Words   |  4 Pages Education has been an important factor of all of our lives for an exceptional amount of time, but unfortunately, America has been falling behind from other nations in their education system compared to other nations (Pahlke 444). Almost all of our public schools in our country are coeducational and only handful of them are single-sex educational schools. Single-sex education should be taken into high consideration for most students to attend because of the benefits they might gain from them. ItRead MoreEssay on Single-Sex Education: Separate but Efficient?1547 Words   |  7 PagesHave schools been teaching their students the wrong way for years? Apparently, coeducation schools have not been as sensitive about genders as single-gender schools have been. It is necessary for schools to be geared toward certain genders because both male students and female students learn differently. Due to the fact that the biology of male and female students is an immense contributor to these diff erences, it needs to be understood and exercised. Differences of the two genders can be usedRead MoreThe Debate Over Single Sex Schools958 Words   |  4 PagesThe debate over single-sex schools Single-sex schools are becoming more common. According to some religion reasons, several countries such as Saudi Arabia only have single-sex schools. However, the effect and rationality of single-sex schools are an ongoing controversy, that being debated in a worldwide range. In this essay, the cases for and against single-sex education will be discussed. This essay will firstly present some positive impacts of single-sex schools, including an increase in students’Read MoreWhy are Mixed Schools a Better Option?672 Words   |  3 PagesSingle sex school is a major problem that we face in our modern world it has advantages and well as disadvantages. Why mixed schools is better than single one?. There are many reasons to prove that idea. This essay talks about why mixed schools is better than single one with evidences and supports. This essay supports the idea of why this is a negative impacts on the society. Some people saw that single one is better and they have their points o f view and their opinions. They also saw it improvesRead MoreSingle Sex Schools Are Becoming More Common891 Words   |  4 PagesSingle-sex schools are becoming more common. According to some religious reasons, several countries such as Saudi Arabia only have single-sex schools. However, the effect and rationality of single-sex schools are an ongoing controversy, that are being debated around the world. In this essay, the cases for and against single-sex education will be discussed. This essay will firstly present some positive impacts of single-sex schools, including an increase in students’ academic achievement and a decrease

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The Behavior Of Children With Autism Spectrum - 842 Words

Autism is becoming more and more common within young children and can be noticed by the age of 24 months. The definition of Autism spectrum disorder is a steady, developmental disorder, which becomes identifiable by deficiencies in impersonation, signaling, observational learning, joint consideration, typical play, and comprehend the state of feeling (Soucy, 1997). Therefore, it makes it harder for a child to understand concepts or follow directions. These children tend to need extra help or extra guidance to allow them to stay focused during class and being able to stay on task. In this paper, I will be discussing the behavior description of children with autism spectrum and how can impact their interaction with their peers in an early childhood education setting. First autism spectrum is something that comes with strengths and weaknesses that help and hinder those who have been diagnosed with it. There are many aspects that affect them behaviorally, which can cause downfalls or can create a positive outlook for them. Some of the behavioral issues that ensue fall into social, emotional and their cognitive difficulties. These areas are important to a child during their development because it helps them to function and interact with others and their daily surroundings. It is also important that the parents and caregivers understand these issues and are able to handle it and help them cope in a calm manner. Children who have autism spectrum fail to be able to relateShow MoreRelatedThe Behavior Of Children With Autism Spectrum Essay959 Words   |  4 Pagesbelieve that autism can be a very scary disorder because often times it is difficult to understand. A mental imbalance is a neurodevelopmental issue portrayed by essential disabilities in social associations, correspondence, and monotonous and stereotyped practices (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Extreme introvertedness is found in guys more than females, this issue does not permit singular a pproaches to express or show feelings (ehow health, 2009). For example, a child with autism may findRead More Behavior and Development of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders2129 Words   |  9 Pagesconcerning the behavior and development of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The studies investigate how autism effects communication, socialization, cognitive development, and a number of other areas. Researchers use many different types of scales to measure and compare the difference between children with ASD and typically developing children. Methodology Study 1 Morgan, Lindee, Wetherby, Amy M., Barber, Angie (2008) Repetitive and stereotyped movements in children with autism spectrum disordersRead MoreAnalysis of â€Å"Behavior Predictors of Language Development over Two Years in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders†1505 Words   |  7 PagesThe scientific study, â€Å"Behavior Predictors of Language Development over Two Years in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders,† conducted by Karen D. Bopp, Pat Mirenda, and Bruno Zumbo was published in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. This study was conducted in British Columbia, Canada from data retrieved from a database of another study. The goal of this study was to determine if certain types of behaviors often displayed by autistic children before intervention could be predictorsRead MoreAutism Spectrum Disorder and its Causes Essay906 Words   |  4 Pageshundred and fifty children was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Since then, there has been a drastic increase on the incidents of this disorder. In 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control, Autism spectrum disorder occurs in one out of eighty eight children. (CDC, 2013) That is a significant increase over a relatively short period of time. With such an increase, it is important to learn what autism spectrum disorder is and what might cause it. Autism spectrum disorder is theRead MoreEarly Intervention is Crucial in Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder988 Words   |  4 Pageshas autism spectrum disorder† are words no parent wants to hear. They are words that will instill fear, worry, and sadness. When parents hear this for the first time, they will have many questions. â€Å"Is there anything I can do to help my child? If so, what can be done?† Early intervention services; such as applied behavior analysis therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, and speech therapy before the age of three; can help improve the development of children with autism spectrumRead MoreTreatment Options Used for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder1440 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is known as a neurodevelopmental disorder that is capable of weakening communication, behavior and socialization. The term ASD includes three major subtypes which is Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger’s Disorder. About 9.0 in 1000 children have ASD and certain types of autism might not be identified until three years of life. The probability of boys being diagnosed is higher compared to girls (Bravaccio et al. 2013)Read MoreChildren With Autism Spectrum Disorder1502 Words   |  7 Pagesin life. For many children and adults, they live with a disorder that dictates these behaviors and language skills to be very different from the average American. These skills they are challenged with, make it very difficult to live independently. The disorder these individuals live with is called Autism Spectrum Disorder. With early diagnosis, intervention, and proper treatment, some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder p ossibly can lead independent lives. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) isRead MoreCommunicating With Children That Have An Autism Spectrum Diagnosis1001 Words   |  5 Pages Rough Draft- Communicating with Children That Have an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis This is a very important topic for me because I have a child who is believed to be on the spectrum somewhere. We are not sure exactly where because we are still waiting to have all the testing completed, but I still have to communicate with him everyday. I will also use this information in my career as I would like to work in a pediatric setting. To better understand the children with this diagnosis I believe thatRead MoreThe Characteristics Of Autism Spectrum Disorders ( Asd )949 Words   |  4 Pages 1. What are the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)? As described in the textbook, there is a broad range of characteristics associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). One of the first characteristics noted with ASD is language deficits, or using language in â€Å"odd† ways. As stated in the textbook, â€Å"Children with classic autism may be nonverbal. Alternatively, they may have significant language difficulties, so that their language may consist primarily of echolalia or delayedRead MoreAutism Spectrum Disorders Essay1734 Words   |  7 PagesThis paper will discuss the characteristics or Autism Spectrum Disorder, including its symptoms, treatments, and possible causes. This paper will also highlight the differences between Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) and Asperger Disorder(AD). Autism spectrum disorders effect one in 110 births in the United States. Autism spectrum disorders are severe, incurable developmental disorders whose symptoms, including impairments in social interaction and communication, emerge during the first two years of

Technology and Health Care Free Essays

Introduction Now more than ever, the advances in technology have accompanied the health care delivery system in providing efficient and effective treatment and management for a wide range of patients. According to an article on â€Å"Medical Technology†, â€Å"from gene therapy to tissue engineering to telepresence medicine, the proliferation of new technology promises even greater improvements in patient care, health status, and quality of life† (, n. We will write a custom essay sample on Technology and Health Care or any similar topic only for you Order Now d., p. 89). Nevertheless, the advent of these developments considerably affects the health system, in general. Thus, this paper aims to describe the uses of technology for patient management and its impact on health care and health status. Findings The uses of technology for patient management comprise an array of services that would include new medical and surgical procedures, drugs, medical devices, and new support systems. Indeed, these services had undergone innovative changes during the past years to cater the needs of the patients. These facts are exemplified in the following sections of this paper, as quoted from reliable references. â€Å"Surgery is another area of medicine that has been virtually transformed by innovative new techniques and technologies. The acceptance and refinement of minimally-invasive surgical procedures, improvements in anesthesia, patient demands and the push towards greater cost savings have facilitated the shift of surgical procedures from the traditional hospital setting to free-standing ambulatory surgical centers, outpatient clinics, and physicians’ offices† (Medical Technology,, n. d., p.92). On the other hand, another study called â€Å"AstraZeneca Submission† (n. d.) typified the progress in medicines, as we quote, â€Å"many examples describe the impact of new medicines on patient symptoms and quality of life: Advanced cancer is incurable. Many medicines for this devastating disease have provided value to patients and their families by improving their quality of life. Drugs to prevent nausea, a common side-effect of cancer chemotherapy, can help make the treatment easier to bear both for patients and their families. In patients with moderate to severe migraine, subcutaneous sumatriptan improved quality of life by more than 20% compared to placebo (61.6% versus 20.6%). Patients on rizatriptan show significantly better responses to three domains of the 24-hourMigraine Quality of Life Questionnaire (social functioning, migraine symptoms and feelings/concerns) compared to patients treated with placebo. (This entry has been quoted from Santanello N C, Polis A B, Hartmaier S L, Kramer M S, Block G A, Silberstein S D, Improvement in migraine-specific quality of life in a clinical trial of rizatriptan. Cephalalgia 17(8):867-872 1997) A systematic review of a new schizophrenia medicine – an atypical antipsychotic – found that, compared with typical antipsychotics, it was more effective in improving global state, general mental state and the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, and was as effective as typical antipsychotics with regard to positive symptoms. (This entry has been quoted from Mota N E, Lima M S, Soares B G, Amisulpride for schizophrenia. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2:CD001357, 2002)†. With regards to medical devices, â€Å"one specific example of the dynamic changes in the use of medical technology in the state (CT) is PET scanning. PET scanners are among the most expensive units of major medical equipment available today. PET scans are non-invasive procedures used to detect metabolic rates of organs and tissues using radioactive agents that emit positively charged electrons (positrons). While useful in a number of specialties, PET is increasingly valuable in the fields of neurology, cardiology, and particularly cancer imaging including monitoring the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy† (Medical Technology,, n. d., p.92). In addition, new support systems have also been employed in the health care system. An example is the so-called telemedicine of which according to the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services, â€Å"it is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s health. Electronic communication means the use of interactive telecommunications equipment that includes, at a minimum, audio and video equipment permitting two-way, real time interactive communication between the patient, and the physician or practitioner at the distant site. Telemedicine is viewed as a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional face-to-face way of providing medical care (e.g., face-to-face consultations or examinations between provider and patient) that states may choose to cover. This definition is modeled on Medicare’s definition of telehealth services located at 42 CFR 410.78† (Overview Telemedicine, n. d.). Hence, â€Å"the institution and utilization of new technologies in the hospital setting has dramatically influenced the way in which hospitals function as health care providers. Minimally invasive surgical procedures, highly advanced medical equipment, and breakthrough prescription medications are particularly significant in the evolving role of hospitals as they have all contributed to shorter and oftentimes costlier hospital stays† (Medical Technology, n. d., p.89). Conclusion Consequently, we have learned how the health care system utilized the use of the new technology in the treatment of patients, as reflected in the abovementioned findings. We realized that technology has an impact on the costs of health care services: cost effective, when it comes to medications, but costly, when it comes to acquisition of new medical devices. Nonetheless, we discovered that the impact of technology in health care is basically characterized by the provision of optimum patient management, thus leading to the attainment of a better quality of life and improvement in the health status of individuals. References AstraZeneca Submission – The impact of advances in medical technology on healthcare in Australia – The Value of Medicines. (n.d.). Retrieved November 27, 2008, from Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services. (n.d.). Overview Telemedicine. Retrieved November 27, 2008, from (n.d.). Medical Technology. Retrieved November 27, 2008 from How to cite Technology and Health Care, Essay examples

Evaluation Of Social Reports Of Blackmores And Bhp Billiton

Question: Discuss Evaluation Of Social Reports Of Blackmores And Bhp Billiton? Answer: Methodology The methodology pertaining to the current study comprises of assimilation of data regarding the two companies selected, BHP Billiton and Blackmores. The data pertaining to the current research is gathered through sustainability reports of the organisations. In terms of analysis, the insights regarding socially responsible activities showcased by the organisation have been derived from the sustainability report in case of BHP Billiton and through the official website in case of Blackmores. Limitation The primary limitation of the current study arises out of the fact that Blackmores does not publish social sustainability report annually and the information provided by the company online are fairly brief as compared to BHP Billiton. Moreover, the quantum of contribution by the two companies towards social causes has not been quantified in the report resulting towards the analysis in the current study being largely descriptive. Assumption In terms of current study, the primary assumption tends to arise out of the fact that the company shall be contributing towards socially sustainable activities. This is due to the fact that both of the companies are multinationals. Analysis Identification and background of two companies: BHP Billiton is a multinational company that is engaged in mining and metallurgical industry. In addition to that, the company also deals in petroleum products. The company has been founded in 1885 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The company is headed by CEO Andrew Mackenzie and Chairman Jaques Nasser. BHP has generated revenues to the tune of A$ 30.92 billion in the financial year ending 2016 (BHP Billiton | A leading global resources company. 2017). The company has dual listings in the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange. The company is engaged in the extraction and marketing of fossil fuels. Thereby, it can be observed that the company is a contributor of greenhouse gases onto the atmosphere. The company has been publishing its corporate social responsibility report since the year 1996 (BHP Billiton | A leading global resources company. 2017). Blackmores Limited is an Australian multinational company with engagement in pharmaceutical business. The company started its initial operations in the 1930s with Maurice Blackmores founding the company with a vision of providing healthcare based upon naturopathy (Blackmores Limited. 2017). The vision of the founder in terms of natural healthcare and preventative medicines is being reflected in the operations of the company. The company has made a number of business acquisitions, latest amongst them being the acquisition of Global Therapeutics which dealt in Chinese naturopathic medicines. The company has a substantial presence in Australia along with participation in pharmaceutical industry abroad in markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia amongst others. The companies has over 7% market share in the consumer health market in Australia coupled with the fact that the company has over 48.7% share in terms of Australias vitamin and dietary supplements market (About Blackmo res. 2017). In terms of BHP Billiton, the company primarily operates in Australia and UK along with operations in a large number of Asian and European countries primary amongst them being Malaysia, Indonesia and China amongst others. Moreover, in the case of Blackmores, the company is a market leader in Australian health and vitamin supplements market but has global presence primary amongst them being Asian nations such as China, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia amongst others. The difference in terms of the range of issues dealt with by the company in their social reports: In terms of BHP Billiton, the company communicates in their report that they have initiated a sustainability approach towards their business operations. The company has a charter that entails the core values of the organisation, commitment towards the community as well as enumerating the standard and procedures that are required to be applied throughout the organisation (BHP Billiton | A leading global resources company. 2017). In their sustainability report, BHP Billiton showcases the different set of initiatives undertaken by the company in terms of social, infrastructure, health and innovation amongst others. In the case of BHP Billiton, it can be observed that the company focuses primarily towards the resettlement of communities. This is due to the reason that the company is engaged in mining and petroleum extraction and thereby has to focus towards the resettlement of communities that are based near the operation sites. In the case of Blackmores, the social responsibility report put emphasis upon initiating measures that are environmentally sustainable. The report primarily focuses on providing an overview relating to the environmentally sustainable measures without getting into thorough details pertaining to the social activities. Blackmores focuses upon activities such as treatment of general and organic food waste, sustainable green electricity along with landfill activities (Blackmores Limited. 2017). Moreover, Blackmoress social report tends to include strategies pertaining to the conservation of water, energy, effluent and waste along with emissions. Blackmores provides the data pertaining to its commitment towards social responsibility by detailing the contribution towards social causes and communities. Such actions include a contribution towards Cancer Council, Heart Ali, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and WWF amongst others (Blackmores Limited. 2017). Moreover, the company also sponsors sport ing events such as Sydney marathon and Australian Open amongst other events. In the case of BHP Billiton, the presentations pertaining to sustainability report are more thorough and detailed than in the case of Blackmores. Moreover, BHP Billiton focuses upon factors such as water reporting, community resettlement as well as well-being of the community. On the other hand, the social reporting of Blackmores are not detailed properly in their reports. Moreover, BHP Billiton releases corporate sustainability report on an annual basis, whereas on the other hand Blackmores does not release sustainability reports annually but provides sustainability strategies and achievements. Explanation of difference in reporting: The different in terms of reporting by the two companies arises due to the nature of industries that the companies belong to. In the case of BHP Billiton, the company is engaged towards mining activities coupled with extraction and marketing of petroleum (BHP Billiton | A leading global resources company. 2017). Thereby, the business operations pertaining to the company entails a large number of social costs. This is owing to the reason that the products that the company deals with contributing towards the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Moreover, the mining activities tend to degrade the environment owing to its inherent nature. Thereby, the company has to produce a thoroughly detailed sustainability report on an annual basis in order to facilitate the enumeration of corporate social responsibility activities undertaken by the company. Moreover, since mining activities and petroleum extraction entails a large number of resettlement, thereby, in the case of BHP Billi ton the company requires addressing issues regarding the resettlement of communities away from its mining sites. Thereby, since the emphasis upon initiating socially responsible activities are more in the case of BHP Billiton than in the case of Blackmores, thereby a difference in reporting of sustainability activities are observed in terms of the two companies. On the other hand, in the case of Blackmores, the company's operation does not entail environmentally degradable activities as can be observed in the case of BHP Billiton. Nicholas Sacco (2016) mentioned in the context of corporate social responsibility that industries that are engaged in environmentally deplorable activities require to contribute more towards the community as compared to industries whose activities are less deplorable. Thereby, it can be construed that in the case of Blackmores, since the activities and business operation pertaining to the company is less deplorable than that of the mining industry, thereby the company does not require to initiate as much socially responsible activities as BHP Billiton does. Assessment of quality of the social accounting approach as per Zadek et al.s criteria: This section evaluates the quality of the social accounting approach that has been initiated in the case of BHP Billiton and Blackmores according to the eight criteria that have been conceived by Zadek et al. (1997). The eight criteria comprise of inclusivity, comparability, completeness, evolution, management policy and systems, external verification and continuous improvement (Chambers Humble, 2017). In the case of BHP Billiton, it can be observed that the social reports tend to focus upon inclusiveness. This can be observed in the case of BHP that the communities that tend to get affected by the company's business operations have been thoroughly engaged by the company through a different set of initiatives. Since the sustainability report of BHP Billiton is published annually, thereby the degree of comparability pertaining to the social report is satisfactory. Moreover, in the case of completeness it can be inferred that the social report pertaining to BHP Billiton is thoroughly detailed, however, the performance metrics in terms of number and charts pertaining to the sustainability targets is missing in the case of BHP. In terms of evolution, management policy and systems, it can be inferred that the sustainability report of BHP Billiton is satisfactory. The reports pertaining to BHP showcases the influence of its socially responsible activities towards the communities as well as upon the environment. Moreover, the company also provides an overview relating to the social goals and objectives relating to the future periods. Thereby, in terms of criteria pertaining to continuous improvement, it can be ascertained that the reporting by BHP Billiton is highly satisfactory. In the case of Blackmores, the company does not release annual sustainability reports but puts up data pertaining to socially and environmentally sustainable goals. It can be inferred that in terms of inclusivity the social report of Blackmores is less inclusive than that of BHP Billiton. Moreover, the company does not provide adequate amounts of data pertaining to previous financial years goals regarding sustainability. Further, the reports are not prepared in a thorough manner providing detailed information. Thereby, it can be inferred that in the case of Blackmores, the company fares poorly upon comparability, completeness as well as evolution. Moreover, due to lack of initiatives on the part of the company towards providing a detail information pertaining to socially responsible activities it is ascertained that the companys social report fares in other criterions of Zadek et al. (1997). Extent to which social report of the company reflects their stated values BHP Billiton has included in their social report the emphasis upon mitigating risks arising out of climate change through a different set of measures aimed towards reducing carbon emissions. However, it is worth noting that the primary activities of BHP Billiton comprise of large quantum of greenhouse gas emissions. Thereby, there seems to be non-alignment between the social goals and business activities of the company. Moreover, a large quantum of the company's activities is focused towards resettlement which is the primary task of the company and thus forms part of its operational activities rather than being a part of social activities. However, there is visible alignment between the stated values and the social reports. This arises out of the fact that the company has contributed towards the betterment of communities along with emphasising upon facilitating issues regarding respecting human rights. Moreover, the company also evaluates the effects of its business operations and te nds to address the health issues that arises out of its operations and strives towards minimising hazardous effects upon the communities. In the case of Blackmores, the social report pertaining to the company focuses on sustainable business practices as well as initiation of programs focusing on the protection of the environment. Blackmores fulfils its stated value through giving back to the community. It can be observed through the contribution towards organisations such as Bilgola Surf Life Saving Club, Cancer Council, Exodus Foundation, Heart Ali, Heart Research Institute and WWF amongst others the company showcases the alignment between the social report and the shared value Reflection pertaining to the companies Both the companies, BHP Billiton and Blackmores have initiated measures pertaining to the socially responsible activities. By its nature, it can be inferred that BHP Billitons operations tend to incur more social costs than that of Blackmores. It arises from the fact that mining activities, as well as dealings in petroleum, affects the environment considerably. Moreover, the resettlement of communities out of drilling and mining sites tends to entail considerable quantum of social costs. It is, therefore, necessary on the part of BHP Billiton to release annual sustainability reports showcasing the different set of activities aimed towards betterment of society, community as well as environment. Moreover, since the company has global operation owing to its presence in a large number of companies, thereby the onus upon the company to initiate socially responsible and environmentally sustainable activities is considerable. Activities relating to inclusion, diversity along with the evalu ation of potential health impact arising out of BHP Billitons activities have been dealt with the company as can be showcased through its annual sustainability reports. Moreover, BHP Billiton engages with indigenous communities and undertakes business operations after ensuring that issues pertaining to human rights are dealt thoroughly. In terms of Blackmores, it can be ascertained that the sustainable practices of the company comprise of contributing towards a different set of communities. Moreover, the company tends to facilitate the sponsorship of sporting events thereby showcasing the fact that the company has been engaged in a large number of socially responsible activities References: About Blackmores. (2017) Retrieved 4 May 2017, from BHP Billiton | A leading global resources company. (2017).BHP Billiton. Retrieved 4 May 2017, from Blackmores Limited. (2017).Blackmores Limited. Retrieved 4 May 2017, from Chambers, I., Humble, J. (2017).Developing a Plan for the Planet: A Business Plan for Sustainable Living. Routledge. Nicholas, A. J., Sacco, S. (2016). People, Planet, Profit: Benefit and B Certified Corporations-Comprehension and Outlook of Business Students.Academy of Business Research Journal,3, 18.

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LinkedIn Social Networking Service

Question: Discuss about theLinkedInfor Social Networking Service. Answer: Introduction In the day todays world, each and every person across the world is using one or the other social networking service, LinkedIn is one of those social networking services, which comes into existence in the year 2003. The LinkedIn is mainly used by the professional networking operators, or we can say by the professional networking users, which basically operated through websites. Basically, it is a subsidiary type of business having its headquarters of the LinkedIn is located in the Sunnyvale, California, U.S and serving the worldwide area with its services. Microsoft Corporation is the parent of the LinkedIn and the slogan of the company is Relationships Matter. History of LinkedIn and Projected Growth LinkedIn is very popular among the people worldwide due to its networking services, because LinkedIn is one of the best social networking Platform, providing a large number of facilities to each and every type of person. It is becoming popular day by day because it is providing facilities to every person, i.e., either the person is a business owner or searching for the employment. The LinkedIn is providing exposure as well as the popularity to any type of business with its best class services. A businessman having a good image and position in the market can easily create a profile of his/her business with the help of LinkedIn, which could be easily seen by the people using any social networking service and can attract more and more people towards itself. The LinkedIn is also helpful for the people searching for the employment as well as for the professional employers searching for the best employment positions in the market (Virtual Social Media, 2012). The LinkedIn stands on thirtee nth position globally in the Alexa ranking and eleventh in the USA, which is one of the most important reasons making it popular among the people across the world. It is also providing the facility of communication among the various influential friends and can easily gain several opportunities for the growth and expansion of the business in the market of the different countries of the world. With the help of the LinkedIn profile one can easily send and receive various recommendations from the other members regarding the job or a business. History about LinkedIn: -With the help of colleagues from the PayPal and the Social Net, Reid launched the LinkedIn in the year 2002. At the earlier stage, growth was very slow but the quality of services provided by the company to the people across the world helps in increasing the growth of the companys business. In the year 2004, the LinkedIn started providing various types of services to the small business owners with the help of American Express for promoting the company services on a world- wide level helps in increasing the growth of the companys business rapidly (LinkedIn Corporation, 2015). Growth and the projected growth: - The Company is growing rapidly from the last few years. In the year 2011, the company was having approximately six thousand five hundred corporate customers, which is increasing very quickly. According to an estimate the company is having approximately fifty thousand corporate customers at present. There is a continuous growth in the average revenue of the company due to the greater value expansion of the corporate customers as well as the reduced prices for the new customers connecting with the company at present. Advantages of Using LinkedIn In the present world, each and every type of business is getting connected with the one or the other social media channel by making an effective and efficient use of any type of social networking service. Various advantages of using LinkedIn at the current carrier stage are according to written below: B2B Networking LinkedIn helps the user in finding various manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and many other third party resources for the sake of the business. This helps a lot to each and every person either he/she is a professional employer or a businessman by providing a large number of opportunities to them for the expansion and divergence of their search. It also provides various facilities like communicating directly with the several vendors rather than to just communicate through phone calls, which helps in creating a neat and clean image of that vendor. B2C Networking Building a good image of the brand among the people in the market is must for any type of business. Therefore, LinkedIn provides various facilities for building such an image in the market. It helps a business to post on various social networking sites for gaining the popularity among the people, which increases the overall growth of the business (Hughes, 2014). Lead Generation With the help of this phase, one can easily optimize his/her profile and his/her companys profile by posting important content, data or any other type of information with the other using various social networking services. Customer Satisfaction With the help of this phase, one can easily get directly connected to its customers and can make them satisfy regarding to their queries. Therefore, one can easily solve any type of issue being faced by his/her customers directly through this social networking service. Reasons of not Using LinkedIn by some People/Businesses In the present world, we know that each and every person is making the use of one or the other social media channels or we can say social networking sites for getting connected with one another. But on the other side, a large number of people are also there those who are not using these social networking sites, because connecting and communicating on the social channels decreases the chances of meeting directly with one another. Most of the people are not using the LinkedIn, due to various concerns related to their privacy (Richards, 2016). We know that LinkedIn provides complete control to the user related to their privacy settings, but sometimes people dont have complete knowledge about that and thats why they dont use LinkedIn. One can easily manage his/her privacy setting on the LinkedIn profile, but then also it shows the present status of the person to others either he or she gets tagged by someone, which is one of the serious concerns related to ones reputation. Common Mistakes People Make Developing their Profile As we know, LinkedIn provides facility of doing business through networking by connecting people with one another. Sometimes people are not able to make an effective use of their LinkedIn profile due to some reasons which are as written below: Profile picture: - Profile picture is must for getting connected with more and more people on the networking site, because it creates an image of us among others. Therefore, one should use an attractive profile image so that, people can easily recognize us and gets easily attracted towards us. Eye-catching headline: - Most of the people make several mistakes related to their eye-catching headline, as this is the thing shown to others just next to their name. Compelling summary: - Most of the people are not able to use a compelling summary, which is one of the biggest drawbacks for lacking down their business. Therefore, one should make an effective use of compelling summary so that, more and more people can easily get connected to them (Alemany, 2014). Multimedia content: - Sometimes people make use of irrelevant media content, therefore one should use that content which helps in attracting more and more people and creates a good image of us in their mind. Recommendations Various methods for leveraging LinkedIn account are according to written below: One should need to provide his/her complete details on his/her LinkedIn profile, because a profile with complete details strengthens ones profile. One should need to turn off broadcasting their several activities on a temporary basis. One should provide actual details of his or her on their profile and they need not to lie about anything on their profile, because it creates a bad image in the mind of others. One should need to customize his/her profile from time to time so that, people can able to see your current activity or any other types of offer, etc. regarding to your business. Conclusion In the present world, it is must for each and every person to make an effective and efficient use of any type of social networking site either for the sake of their business or for getting connected with others. Having an active account on LinkedIn or we can say, having a LinkedIn profile helps us in expanding our business on a world-wide level among the people across the world, as it creates an appropriate image of us among those people. References Alemany, T. (2014, November 20). 5 Common Mistakes People Make with Their LinkedIn Profile. Retrieved from Hughes, B. (2014, January 08). Five Benefits of Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Your Career. Retrieved from LinkedIn Corporation. (2015). A brief history of LinkedIn. Retrieved from Richards, L. (2016). Disadvantages of Linkedin. Retrieved from Virtual Social Media. (2012, February 20). Why is LinkedIn So Popular? Retrieved from